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Chiron Global (Chiron) is an innovative Australian technology company that is disrupting the defence, law enforcement, security and corrections industries through our unique, patented high-tech body armour and supporting software solution.
Chiron’s journey began as the pioneer of a leading-edge technology designed to transform how we understand, train and fight in combat sports, particularly full-contact weapons martial arts combat. Our vision was to revolutionise the global combat sports and martial arts markets using our patented armour and scoring system to create a completely new combat experience.


Chiron’s armour platform was developed and trialled as a weapons training and combat sports application, tested over several years under the brand ‘Unified Weapons Master®’ (UWM®). UWM’s test event, featuring expert weapons martial artists from around the world, received overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans globally and extensive media coverage.


Chiron’s unique, highly protective, lightweight and agile armour also drew the attention of several defence organisations, who expressed interest in utilising our armour to enhance the training and safety of personnel preparing for violent operational encounters.


Given the opportunity to help save Australian personnel lives, Chiron is currently focused on further developing its defence and law enforcement products and training capability.


The UWM technology and test event was extensively covered by the international media.

Chiron Global Technologies’ X-Series is a world-leading, close-quarter combat (CQC) body armour platform for defence, law enforcement, security and corrections personnel. Chiron’s innovative design and integrated technology is engineered for a wide variety of training and operational scenarios. The unique armour platform enables highly realistic training and is designed to reduce training injuries and save lives of on-duty personnel.



Chiron’s flagship product the X1, is engineered to absorb extreme CQC impacts, from blunt force trauma and man-marking rounds, providing unparalleled levels of realism and safety. The Chiron-X1 combines superior agility and manoeuvrability, with extremely high levels of protection to enable personnel to really ‘Train as they Fight’ using realistically high levels of force and speed. Personnel can switch seamlessly from kinetic to non-kinetic training while engaging within traditional safety distances.



Future upgrades include the Chiron-X2 globally patented, intelligent body armour platform. The Chiron-X2, incorporates software and analytics into the X1 to improve the safety and effectiveness of CQC training through the immediate collection and analysis of data from each individual CQC training engagement. Sensors record the force and anatomical location of both CQC strikes and man-marking rounds. The sensors are linked to a medical database providing real-time anatomical injury analysis, with customised reporting on individual and group performance. Long-term data analysis from the Chiron-X2 will significantly improve CQC offensive and defensive effectiveness, helping to save lives in operational situations.



Chiron has conducted a range of successful defence and law enforcement high-impact CQC training and simulation trials with Army, Navy Boarding, Military Police and State Police units. End-user feedback is that Chiron’s armour and technology significantly enhances training safety, realism and personnel performance compared to other products.

Defence Trials of the Chiron-X1 Armour


Chiron has partnered with specialist combative training company Kinetic XR to offer a ground-breaking training capability, combining state-of-the-art technologies to simulate real combat with unprecedented accuracy and safety. Chiron will combine its X-Series training armour with Kinetic’s proven combative training program, and customised virtual-reality solution, to deliver an immersive training solution to defence and law enforcement organisations.

“This kit allows optimum training for military and law enforcement. To be able to use my equipment, deliver blows, fire rounds and get as close to reality as possible without anyone being injured. There is nothing that allows us to achieve that …except for this armour.”

Paul Cale – CEO, Kinetic Fighting and
Creator of the ADF’s Army Combatives Program

Chiron designed and developed the world’s first high-tech combat body armour with embedded force measurement sensors, processors and IP-based communications technologies.


This “intelligent” armour features high levels of safety and protection and is linked to a patented scoring system that scientifically measures the force and anatomical location of strikes to the armour. The software instantly processes a score based on the damage that would have occurred to an unprotected body.

Chiron-X2 sensor tech armour, currently under development.
During full-force combat, the Lorica system accesses a blunt trauma database based on medical research data to determine the location and extent of the damage to an unprotected body, with damage displayed in real time on a video screen using computer graphics.


Chiron’s world-leading technology, developed to pioneer a new category in combat sports, is creating a paradigm shift in CQC training for defence, law enforcement, security and corrections.



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